Monday, October 24, 2016

☆☆The Marked Box Set is LIVE for PRE-ORDER☆☆

☆☆The Marked Box Set is LIVE for PRE-ORDER☆☆
You will now have the complete series in one book with 3 exclusive outtakes:
Cox's Sh*t List.
Lance Kisses Ass.
Simon Has A Question To Ask.
And its on special price of $2.99 until release day!!! Come and find out why so many are head over panties in love with Talan Cox.
#badboy #tattoos #5starseries #erotica #dirtytalker
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Sunday, October 16, 2016

ARDOR is now #LIVE on all platforms... #alpha #romance #oneclickthatbitch #bossandemployee

For the first time Ardor is available on all platforms and it's gotten a face lift. We got a new cover baby!! If you haven't read this yet, now is the perfect time to meet Gregory and his #naughtycashier for only #99c

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Now #LIVE On All Platforms... #WantThoseHands

☆••*´¨`*•.☆••LIVE on all Platforms☆••*´¨`*•.☆••
"Undress for me."
#Ignite (A Teasing Hands Box Set) is finally #LIVE on all Platforms. This Box Set includes (3 bonus scenes) with out favorite masseuse being the #dirtytalking #badboy we all fell in love with. 

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Only A Few Days Left!!! #Ardor #KU

***Only A Few Days Left***
Im pulling Ardor from #KU on the 13th. If you haven't read this yet, nows the perfect time to meet Gregory and his #naughtycashier for free!!! Or purchase this smutty novella for only #99c
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This erotic novella contains a lot of sex. And I do mean a lot. This is probably the most sex I've ever put into any of my books. 
Enough so, that my own husband blushed while reading certain scenes. If you are not into strong alphas that are dominating, have a dirty mouth, and use said dirty mouth to lick and suck sweet concoctions off his girl’s body, than it isn't for you. 18+ only.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

{Release Blitz} One Dance for Case by K. L. Donn

☆¸.•´NOW LIVE! <3
One Dance for Case is now live and available on all platforms October 4th ONLY!!!

Don't forget to read OWNED by Dominic on #Sale first! (Also available in KU!)

Broken beyond repair…

Sergeant Casey John Risley: amputee, war Veteran, recovering alcoholic.
Jealousy consumes him. Bitterness leaves him pushing everyone he loves away.
Casey watched as his best friend found the other half of his soul in a strong young woman and until that moment he hadn’t realized how much he craved that same completion. 
Having demons constantly lurking in the back of his mind, he doesn’t think he’ll get the salvation the right woman’s arms can give him. He’s so desperate for it, he nearly blows his chance with the only woman to draw him in.

Thrown out like trash…
Evelyn Paige Moore: dancer, shy introvert, high school dropout.
Abandoned at an early age by a mother who couldn’t care less about her, Evelyn finds an escape in ballet. With no formal training, and a love for the art, she knows what she wants to be. Circumstances prove she has to settle instead for the pole. Finding her long lost sister and her son, she thinks she’s finally found a semblance of happiness, only she still feels empty.
When a tough soldier shows a deep interest in her she fights the immediate attraction she feels, only he has nothing to lose, and everything to gain by claiming her.

Two broken pieces…
A misunderstanding nearly tears them apart before they truly get to have their own happily ever after. If Ev let’s go of the pain of abandonment, will Case open up to her? Or will they be stuck in the past forever?
If you don't know by now that I write insta-love well this is your warning. There's love, there's heartbreak, there's a little bit of graphic violence told in a flashback. This is a safe read, no cheating. LOTS OF INSTA-LOVE!

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