Monday, March 4, 2013

Small peak into my original Last of Days...

Natalie handled herself with as much grace and composure as she could. The screams of agony she held at the tip of her tongue barely making itself known in tiny whimpers of pain as she exited the hospital’s main entrance. So close was Natalie to her car that the carefully constructed facade she wore faltered- her trembling fingers reached into her purse and pulled her keys out. 

Natalie needed the solace of her home and the memories she had stored in a tiny white box in her attic now more than ever. Inside it held letters, pictures and all the memories she held dear of their whirlwind romance- it was her last connection to her beloved Aaron. Her tired form slid into the white Lexus SUV she drove, her left hand rubbing her chest while her right turned the ignition on... it was time to go, but before Natalie could reverse she looked up and let out a sorrow filled whisper to the heavens and her beloved.
It was the plea of a woman that had loved and lost more than once and that vowed to someday soon be with the one she loved once more.