Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Unedited teaser for Ardor... coming this July!
“Want to play a game with me and some friends,” an arrogant asshole whispered loud enough for all to hear after approaching our table. Jasmine looked my way, the glare I sent her not deterring her one bit.
“Sure, but my friends play too.” Oh you are good little girl.
“Sure,” he replied before landing his eyes on me and taking a step back from my girl. Smart man.
“Cassie, Lita…want to play?”
“Sure thing, if boss man allows that is.” Lita teased.
“Go ahead,” I answered, “but, do keep in mind that I will be watching.”
“I can- “
“Jasmine let it go before he grounds you,” The table erupted in laughter much to my hellion’s displeasure as she pursed her lips and walked away.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Keep up to date here on my book Ardor due to be released this summer...


Gregory Thomas has always had an easy life. When it came to his profession, he excelled, gaining himself the position of manager to one of the nation’s biggest wholesale retailers.  He was amazing at everything; except when it came to love. The night he found his ex-wife in bed with her gay best friend was the night he decided it wasn’t worth it. He was better off just focusing on his career, and nothing more.
He became content with just being. That is, until Jasmine Velez, his new employee, walked into his store.
Blunt, and honest to a fault, the woman captivates him against his will. Not only is she gorgeous, but she’s the first woman that doesn’t chase him around. Something that makes ignoring her that much harder. The last thing he wants to do is try to have a relationship with a woman again, and he knows that if he allows Jasmine in, that’s exactly what he’s going to go for.
Except, then he’s faced with the possibility of Jasmine being with someone else, and the choice is taken from him. He’s left with only one option: He needs to make her his. But that might prove harder than he originally expected.
How the hell does a man seduce a feisty woman whose gotten tired of waiting for him and is hellbent on not giving into him?