Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Unedited teaser for Ardor... coming this July!
“Want to play a game with me and some friends,” an arrogant asshole whispered loud enough for all to hear after approaching our table. Jasmine looked my way, the glare I sent her not deterring her one bit.
“Sure, but my friends play too.” Oh you are good little girl.
“Sure,” he replied before landing his eyes on me and taking a step back from my girl. Smart man.
“Cassie, Lita…want to play?”
“Sure thing, if boss man allows that is.” Lita teased.
“Go ahead,” I answered, “but, do keep in mind that I will be watching.”
“I can- “
“Jasmine let it go before he grounds you,” The table erupted in laughter much to my hellion’s displeasure as she pursed her lips and walked away.

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