Thursday, May 15, 2014

Only 12 days to GO!!!!

Here it is. As promised. The next promo pic and tease!!!! #MH2 will be out in exactly 12 days...are you ready for more Talan and his Bitty?!?!

“So good,” I agreed even though the last thing my mind was focused on was food. It was all her. Bitty’s smell, touch—the little noises she made while she enjoyed her meal.

Being so close to her was fucking maddening. My cock twitched beneath her; my hips rocked, looking for any type of friction to relieve the stress she was putting me through.

“More?” Bitty offered and reached over the table for her bottle of beer. Her ass—so tight and round—danced in front of me while she struggled to reach her drink.

My teeth snapped shut then ground back and forth in an attempt to control the raging desires coursing through my body. I wanted to fuck her in the worst ways.

Leaning forward, I inhaled her scent. Mother of fuck, her scent was sweet.

What happened next was out of my control. All her fault. I swear.

“Fuck.” Maya yelped when my teeth sank into her glorious ass’. Right on that small dip where her thigh and backside met.

“Don’t complain when you wave this,” I squeezed her left cheek in my hand, “in my face.” 

Bitty pushed back against my hand and gyrated once more, before sitting back down. She watched me from beneath her long lashes, then took a sip of her beer.

“Thirsty?” She put the bottle to my lips. 

I took her offering but my eyes never left her face. I knew my desire was evident. 

Bitty whimpered when I took hold of her hips and pushed down.

Rough—a warning. It wasn’t my thirst I was looking to satiate.

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