Thursday, November 6, 2014

Taunting Lips: Camden's novella accompaniment to #TeasingHands will be available early Dec.2015. If you loved him in book 1, you will be destroyed and owned by him in this one. Going to get a massage will never be the same. "Undress for me."
Book 1 #TH is available now ONLY on #Amazon and can be read for free if you have #KindleUnlimited. Link:
Add Taunting Lips (A TH .5) to your Goodreads TBR list today and don't miss out on a story that will leave you breathless and in love.

Her body was my greatest damnation.
I craved her and the way she came alive beneath my fingers. The way she’d let me force my will upon her tender flesh, so breakable and trusting—open to all I could teach her.
The moment I laid eyes on my defenseless gatita, everything within me shifted. Everything about her sang to my most basic of needs. She made me want things that never mattered before, that had no place within my solitary existence.
Amanda let me take. She let me gorge myself on all she had to give and never complained. I became addicted to her.
I was supposed to be the one in control. The master of our time together.
But this was never my game.
I was never in charge.
And now, I’m left dealing with the consequences of everything. My hunger, denial...the resentment.
“I hate that I love you.”

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