Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Sign-Ups Needed for Review Blitz for Elena M. Reyes

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Review Blitz for Elena M. Reyes

Elena M.Reyes, author of Teasing Hands and companion novella Taunting Lips, is looking for Bloggers to help with reviewing her two releases. The Art of Romance Promotion are thrilled to help organize this Blitz. Reviews will be due March 9, 2015. If you are interested in reviewing please fill out the form. Thank You for supporting Elena M. Reyes.
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    Teasing Hands- The hands kneading my flesh into submission are strong, yet gentle. Rough, yet tender. His talented fingers dig deep into my naked flesh, applying the perfect amount of pressure, bending me to his will. 

    His will that now entices and burns itself into my every pore, ruining me for any other’s touch—but his. Once a stubborn and independent woman, I find myself wanting to submit; to give him all that I am and power over everything I can be with his guidance. Camden Daniels has a voice full of sin built to destroy my mental walls. The dulcet sonnet of his tone controls my resolve with but a single utterance from his lips: 

    “Undress for me.”

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    Taunting Lips- Her body was my greatest damnation. I craved her and the way she came alive beneath my fingers. The way she’d let me force my will upon her tender flesh, so breakable and trusting—open to all I could teach her. The moment I laid eyes on my defenseless gatita, everything within me shifted. Everything about her sang to my most basic of needs. She made me want things that never mattered before, that had no place within my solitary existence. 

    Amanda let me take. She let me gorge myself on all she had to give and never complained. I became addicted to her. I was supposed to be the one in control. The master of our time together. But this was never my game. I was never in charge. And now, I’m left dealing with the consequences of everything. My hunger, denial...the resentment. 

    “I hate that I love you.”

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