Sunday, June 14, 2015

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I have two sign ups that I need help with at the moment. The first is a $ 0.99 sale blitz for Scars, (A Marked Series 2.5) and the other the sign-up for the Dirty Anthology by Elena M. Reyes, K.I Lynn, and N. Isabelle Blanco. We have a cover reveal this month and the release on July 15, 2015 and need all the help we can get on getting the word out. Any help is appreciated 

Sale Blitz for SCARS by Elena M. Reyes

Sale Blitz: June 19

Thrown away.
Every single one of those could be used to describe me. They can tell you my story—my sad past—without a single syllable passing through my lips.
I hate them—those who lied to me. They claimed to love me, but in reality they used me when convenient. My parents. Sister. And now Talan. Loving them has left me empty. Sad.
Not anymore. Screw them. My love has turned to anger…hate. Now, what consumes me is the urge to destroy, to force them to see what they wrecked with their carelessness. My name will never be forgotten. Not after I have my revenge.
His tears will be my ultimate retribution.

Sale Blitz link Sign-Up:

Dirty Anthology

#GossipGirlsPR is Excited to be hosting promotions for N. Isabelle Blanco, K.I.Lynn and Elena M. Reyes for their upcoming release Dirty.

We will be hosting a:
Cover Reveal on June 24th
Release Day Blitz July 15th
Blog Tour July 20th to the 24th
We would love to see you on board to help spread the word.
Title: The Dirty Anthology
Genre: Erotica
Expected Publication Date: 7/15/2015

How dirty are you willing to get to attain the one you desire most? To own them?
Featuring three filthy tales from some of today’s hottest authors:
K.I. Lynn, N. Isabelle Blanco, and Elena M. Reyes

Dirty Words by Elena M. Reyes
How do you seduce a woman you've never met?
You don’t. You just take

Tempt by K.I. Lynn
Will he take the apple from his Eve and succumb to her temptation?

Systematic Siege: Provocative Tendencies #1 by N. Isabelle Blanco
He’s determined to have her—she’s determined to see him burn in hell before that happens.
Dirty Anthology sign up link:

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