How dirty are you willing to get to attain the one you desire most? To own them? 

Featuring three filthy tales from some of today’s hottest authors: 

K.I. Lynn, N. Isabelle Blanco, and Elena M. Reyes 

Dirty Words by Elena M. Reyes 

How do you seduce a woman you've never met? 

You don’t. You just take 

Tempt by K.I. Lynn 

Will he take the apple from his Eve and succumb to her temptation? 

Systematic Siege: Provocative Tendencies #1 by N. Isabelle Blanco 

He’s determined to have her—she’s determined to see him burn in hell before that happens.



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How do I dominate and enamor the woman who’s in charge of signing my paycheck?

That’s the one question, Joshua Timbers, has been asking himself since he first stepped foot into his own personal Hell. JT, or Yoshi—as his tormentor likes to call him—has lived a life of hardship and loss since an early age. Being the product of a single parent home, he’s accustomed to hard work and lonely nights.

Seeing the strong man that raised him suffer after the loss of his mother made JT’s own heart harden. All that mattered was seeking instant gratification to curve his enormous appetite.

Until the blessed day he met his fallen angel, Janelle.

Beautiful, and with balls bigger than her entire crew, Janelle is accustomed to the leering looks of men, even though she’s their boss—the owner of Walker Constructions, alongside her brother.

Her beauty is untouchable to everyone, but how far will Joshua go to bend his hellion to his will and make her his?

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