Thursday, September 17, 2015


To celebrate the amazingness that is the Indie book world some really awesome blogs and authors have gotten together for a bunch of fun prizes!!! There are 38 pages participating so make sure to enter them all for more chances to win!

To win this page prize:

---> Tag some friends to play

---> And share this to your FaceBook page to win:

Follow the link to enter the next giveaway!

Master list of participating pages here!
Pages for the 16th:
Lisa Lang Blakeney
KL Donn
Sapphire Knight
Terra Kelly
Amy Robyn Brown
Di Madison
Maggie Adams
Tiffany Lordes
Donna Wolz
Stacey Mosteller
ES Carter
Morgan Reeves
K.A. Sterritt
Gina Sheldon
Leli & Aimee
Eden Butler
sheila kennedy
Melody Dawn
Clare Roden

Pages to post on the 17th:
Elena M. Reyes
Sam Destiny
Layla Frost
Wateena Kusturin
Jordan Silver
Sarah Curtis
Tristina Renken
Zeia Jameson
Jodie Larson
Danielle Ione
Megan Green
Anne McClean
Isabel Winsor
Renea Porter

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