Saturday, May 14, 2016

Add I Saw You To Your TBR list!!!

My next release will be out this June 27th and it will be a hot one. Add a rock star God, plus one sassy little vixen, and what you get is a major BOOM. Are you ready for Chester and his Slim?


Success brought fame.
With fame came money.
And money brought every single whore to worship at his feet.

Chester Green has it all living the coveted life as rock’s hottest front man—traveling, partying, and in every city, burying himself between the thighs of a groupie  or two. He gorged on the perks for more than a decade until life became dull, and the taste of a woman became bland on his tongue. Nothing excited him. Nothing, until  the day life literally crashed into him.

Arianna Garcia is tough, fiery, and doesn’t back down or fall sway to his charms. She isn’t a groupie, making the hunt so much harder and the rewards so much sweeter. His money and fame mean nothing to her.

All he wanted was to relax and release some pent up tension.

Now all he wants is her.

The chase is on.

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